September 2014

This is Just a Test creates content for every screen - television, film, commercials, documentaries, digital, interactive, and (insert new thing here).

 Test us

I Am Jazz
Television Series on TLC
Trading Places
Gillette commercial starring Lionel Messi and Roger Federer
Funny or Die
Independent Film
Project Grizzly
TV Series on Animal Planet
Missing Dial
Television Series for Nat Geo
September 2014
American Harmony
A TIJAT Original Documentary Feature Film - IDA nominee and SDFF winner for best documentary
Broke Gourmet
Digital Series for Hello Giggles
One To One
A Short Animated Film
September 2014
Ice Lake Rebels
Television Series on Animal Planet
Feature documentary by Academy Award winning director, Barry Levinson
A TIJAT Original Documentary Feature Film currently in post production
Under Seige: America’s Northern Border
Television Series for Discovery
September 2014
Television Series on History
Alaska or Die
Television Series on Destination America
September 2014
Big Rig Bounty Hunters
Television series on History Channel
September 2014
American Jungle
Television series on History Channel
September 2014
The Ark
Television series on National Geographic
September 2014
The Difference is Clear
Claritin Commercial featuring Brooke Burke-Charvet
Dead Within
Feature Film on Netflix, distributed by Millennium Entertainment
September 2014
Pepsi Refresh Project
A Series of Commercials for the Pepsi Refresh Project
Co.llaborate: Detroit
Video campaign highlighting small businesses and Microsoft's mobile ecosystem
Samsung’s Food Showcase Refrigerator
Commercial for Samsung's Food Showcase Refrigerator
Track My T
Disney campaign to 'Track My T' shirt's journey
September 2014
Fabio’s Wake Up
Quaker Commercial with Fabio Viviani
September 2014
A Message from Earth
Anvil Organics animated film for a Earth Day
Behind the Scenes of Wrigley’s “Pizza” Ad
Behind the Scenes shoot featuring Ashton Kutcher for Wrigley's
September 2014
Skylanders Boomcast
An Activision Web-Series featuring Zach Gordon
September 2014
E! – London Beauty Beat
A series of commercials for P&G brands and E! Network at the London Olympics
September 2014
Save the Arts
Celebrities raise awareness for arts funding PSA for the National Endowment for the Arts
September 2014
Jaguar Performance Academy
Jaguar Digital Campaign
September 2014
Military Suicide PSA
Military Suicide Prevention PSA honored by the White House
We Are Fat
A short film about a big problem sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline
Lovin Scoopful
Commercial campaign for Lovin' Scoopful
Smart Sizes
Commercial for Proper Cloth, an online custom tailor
September 2014
Jim is Connected
Commercial for Appetite +
September 2014
You Vote
Celebrity-studded campaign to get out the vote for the Creative Coalition
September 2014
Goodbye Readers
Bausch & Lomb digital branded campaign

TIJAT partners with brands, publishers, agencies and networks to create content on any scale for every screen. From television series, films, commercials, branded content, scripted and unscripted, we pride ourselves on being the most cost-effective premium content maker.

We have created and produced content for some of the biggest companies in the world including Discovery, A&E, History, Showtime, Netflix, National Geographic, RedBull, Time Inc, Lionsgate, Funny or Die, Microsoft, Gillette, Dove, Pepsi, Jaguar, Merck, Disney, among others.TIJAT’s current television series includes the second season of the award-winning I Am Jazz on TLC, Missing Dial on National Geographic, Project Grizzly on Animal Planet, and soon-to-be-announced series on A&E and Discovery Channel.

We have created and produced campaigns and branded content for some of the largest brands in the world. Our work has inspired audiences, helped increase revenues, rebranded companies, and received numerous awards and honors, including special recognition from the White House and United Nations for issues of awareness.

This is Just a Test began and operates as an experiment. We value creativity, foster collaboration, embrace technology, and challenge antiquated models of filmmaking.

We believe in the power of video. Test us.



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